Sunday Roast

Sunday Roast

Enjoy roast dinner at The Harcourt

The Great British Roast has been an essential British tradition since appearing on tables around 1485 during the reign of King Henry VII. As we’re famous for our Scandinavian-style here at The Harcourt you may not expect to find Roast Dinners on the menu. Yet when you think about it, The Harcourt is the perfect venue for these culinary and cultural customs to combine.

So on Sundays we suspend the every-day in order to focus on a slice of something special: providing a welcome full-stop to punctuate the week with a pause dedicated to gathering loved ones, family and friends together to share hearty and heart-warming food.

You’ll find our Sunday roast menu served between 12pm – 5pm every Sunday alongside our dinner menu. This replaces our usual lunch menu, booking is advised.

Take a look at the menu below, you’ll find meat mains straight out of traditional British recipes, such as roast pork belly and Norfolk chicken, meeting with Scandinavian specialties like Arctic Char, native to alpine lakes and coastal areas around the arctic and subarctic.


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The Harcourt's roast dinner with chicken