Group Dining & Events

Group Dining & Events

The Harcourt

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Looking for a special venue for your next event? Then you’ve arrived at the right place because at The Harcourt, our private rooms are here to serve…

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The Harcourt is located in Central London on Harcourt Street in Marylebone. We are housed in a Grade II listed Georgian Townhouse, we’re open all year round and we offer plenty of menu and catering options to suit every type of event, such as:

  • Birthday parties
  • Wedding receptions
  • Corporate meetings
  • Corporate events
  • Anniversaries
  • Seasonal and family events, such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day.

We can facilitate live music in our Garden Room and are happy to offer advice or information in response to all enquiries. Please contact us or use the enquiry form below to get your event booked at The Harcourt and the planning started.

Group Dining & Events Menus

Winter Group Dining Menu £40
Winter Group Dining Menu £50
Winter Group Dining Menu £60
Canape Menu

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Choose your room

The great thing about our different dining rooms is you can be sure of finding the right space for creating the atmosphere you want for your guests – whether it’s an intimate gathering or a larger reception.

  • The Garden Room
  • Our Garden Room is like none other in The Harcourt. Here the focus is not just on the quality of food, but also in providing a light, spacious area for getting together in big groups or cosying up in a corner to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the cuisine.
  • Carefully appointed so that the room is shining and cheerful even in winter, the Garden Room really comes into its own on brighter days, with silverware, glassware and bell jar lanterns making the most of the natural light coming in, creating a light ambiance which brings a real sense of peace and relaxation to your time with us.
  • This room also offers its own dedicated bar, making it ideal for larger private receptions and gatherings.
  • The White Room
  • The epitome of a grand dining setting, our White Room is an exquisite example of the delightful architecture and history of The Harcourt. But that doesn’t mean it feels dark, dreary and aged … far from it. The White Room offers the bright grandeur associated with warm vanilla-hued paneled walls, lofty ceiling and crushed velvet textiles. Its central feature, our highly-polished long dining table, provides a real centerpiece for creative place settings with the shimmer of silver and glassware. This classic room lends itself beautifully to our fine dining in a refined group setting.
  • The Black Room
  • Where dark, cosy and intimate are part of the required menu, then the Harcourt’s Black Room offers the perfect venue. The evocative paneling, heavy but cosy textiles, intricate artwork and stunning fireplace add to a sense of individuality, privacy … and even romance.
  • The Whiskey Room
  • It’s in our Whiskey Room that privacy and personality combine to provide the epitome of Hygge – a cosy, intimate hideaway location for dining and relaxing. Here our wood paneled walls offer a distinctive atmosphere, reminiscent of the warmth of whiskey barrels and of having truly absorbed the spirit of their setting.

Fit for your event

Each of these four rooms can be hired for private events but of course, due to their individual qualities and dimensions, one may be more suitable than another for particular events:

  • Meetings
  • For meetings, we specifically offer The Garden Room. With its capacity for 30 people, the light and space of this room facilitate both comfortable conferencing and convenient networking. The dedicated bar also means that refreshments are to hand as required, however long the agenda. The Black Room and Whiskey Room both offer snug surroundings ideal for more intimate settings, accommodating up to 10 and 8 guests respectively.
  • Private parties
  • When it comes to private parties, both our Garden Room and White Room are the venues of choice. The Garden Room looks resplendent when organised for private receptions, and can host up to 60 guests. Our White Room offers the delightfully refined grandeur which lends a formal setting to the most special occasions, with seating for 20. We offer a dedicated Set Menu for private dining. However, the selections available being tailored to your needs or type of event, as required.

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