As Seen In

As Seen In

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As well as achieving local and wider acclaim through our enthusiastic press and TripAdvisor reviews, The Harcourt is now also recognised from its debut appearance in Channel 4’s popular reality TV Show Made In Chelsea – MIC to its friends!

As our Facebook posts following the episode’s airing on 8th May 2017 show, The Harcourt provided the perfect backdrop for a spot of Chelsea dining and chatting. The scene was filmed in our Garden Room, which was looking particularly superb on such a fine day, with sunlight sparkling through the splendid glass roof, gleaming on glassware and adding soft shimmers to the silverware as it dappled across our beautiful refectory table, where our celebrity diners were seated.

The Harcourt on the reality tv show Made in Chelsea

The tranquil ambience of this stunning setting was not lost on the characters, who relaxed enthusiastically into their surroundings and their meal. In fact, our food was a real conversation starter for Chelsea’s chaps, who shared their delight of their first glances of their plates with enthusiastic cries of “oooh, look at that!” and “it’s so nice to come and eat just normal food”.

Now, MIC expressing delight in our delicious plates as “normal food” might sound like a strange accolade, but don’t be deceived! Fast, fussy and overdressed, flavourless food – none of that is normal! MIC’s gents clearly recognised that here at The Harcourt we pride ourselves on serving fine food, creating memorable and tasty dishes with precision and care. Our focus on Nordic cuisine offers the sublime combination of simplicity and skill across the careful preparation and cooking of high quality ingredients – and it’s this “normal food” which is earning us a lot of interest and recognition, as our recent Diners’ Choice Award for 2017 shows!

And of course, coming from MIC cast and crew, it’s an accolade we’re proud of! Don’t worry if you missed us, you can spot us about 3 minutes into the episode still available on All 4!